edited by members
Jason R. Bleckly and Kain Massin
cover by Margaret Anne Davies and member Jennifer Etherton
layout by member
Andrew Collings
Published with the assistance of The Mitchum Council &
member Robert N Stephenson of

3 Foreword Elizabeth Moon
6 Introduction Sean Williams
9The VeilAndrew Collings
19The Silk BodyBrendan Carson
28Trouser SnakesBeverley Rainsford
36Gentle into the Orange NightSteven C. Raine
39The ChurchJason R. Bleckly
44Be Amazed!Anne Tichbome
51Steadying the Hand that Holds the ScissorsKain Massin
54PaydirtC. J. Falconer
64Unto the BreachMiri Bleckly
75Stone GiftRobert N. Stephenson
83The CullerKurt von Trojan
96Glitter MatildaEIeanor Jackson Bowers
101Enigmatic MausoleumRob Bleckly
104 A Walk in the WoodsRob Pamell
116The Adelaide EffectCatharine S. Gunson
125We Would be HeroesRobert N. Stephenson
134The BoxMichael Robertson
138Virgin ThreeJason R. Bleckly
147Escape from StalingradKain Massin
157Speed LimitAndrew Collings
166Her Dust Grimed EyesSteven C. Raine
170The Vinaigrette EffectJuanita Carlos
176The Ploughshares of InnocenceRob Bleckly
183More than a GameBrendan Carson
190The Healing WatersJennifer Etherton
199 Afterword Rob Bleckly